Ozone Therapy


Healozone is a brand new type of dental treatment that is changing the way tooth decay is dealt with. It is a treatment that works through the use of ozone, a naturally occurring gas in the air, which is already used for various purposes, including the distillation of water.

Healozone is a clever bit of kit which makes Ozone (3 oxygen atoms stuck together) and delivers it straight to your tooth through a handpiece with a little squidgy tip on it. Ozone is a tiny molecule which breaks down bacteria, viruses and even fungus like candida/thrush. It always works and you can’t be allergic to it. Neither can those bacteria develop resistance to it.

Your dentist will apply the ozone on your tooth and then restore it, giving the tooth a much better long term successful restoration.


image courtesy of our friends at freedesignfile.com

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