White Fillings

There are many techniques used for restoring a broken or decayed tooth. Today most of the filling materials we use are tooth coloured. The three main restoration materials we use are:

  • Glass Ionomer
    This bonds very strongly to tooth tissue and has the added advantage of readily taking up fluoride from toothpaste rinses etc.. It is used to rebuild teeth prior to crowning, for fillings particularly in deciduous teeth where decay is prevalent, and as a cement for crowns and bridges.
  • Composites
    They come in various shades so they can be matched to your natural tooth colour. They are used universally as a restorative material for fillings and repairs to broken teeth. They are also used as fissure sealants.
  • Ceramic
    This material is very hard and brittle, but very aesthetic. To create the most natural looking restoration this is the material of choice. We use ceramic to make veneers and anterior crowns.

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